Physics Scientists and Their Inventions One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The machine-Gun was invented by – James Puckle
2 Who invented the thermoscope, an early form of the thermometer? Galileo
3 Telescope was invented by – Galileo
4 The microscope is used for the study of? Micro and nearby objects
5 Which is the biggest telescope in the world? Ice Cube
6 Wilhelm Roentgen invented – X-Ray Machine
7 Who invented the Steam Engine? James Watt
8 ‘Telephone’ was invented by – Graham Bell
9 Who discovered the electric bulb? Thomas Edison
10 The gas engine was invented by – Daimler
11 Who was the inventor of the fountain pen? Waterman
12 Who was the inventor of Radar – Robert Watson
13 Alfred Nobel invented – Dynamite
14 Who discovered Television? Baird
15 Who is the discoverer of Penicillin? Alexander Fleming
16 The principle of ‘Black hole’ was enunciated by – H.J. Bhabha
17 Scientist S. Chandrashekhar got the Nobel Prize for which field? Astrophysics
18 Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize for – Photoelectric effect
19 In Einstein’s equation, E = mc2, c denotes – Speed of light
20 Albert Einstein was proficient in playing which musical instrument? Violin
21 The fourth dimension in Physics was introduced by – Einstein
22 Sir C.V. Raman received the Nobel Prize for physics in the year – 1930
23 The National Science Day is observed on February 28 every year to commemorate – Raman-effect day
24 ‘The National Science Day’ is observed on – February, 28
25 Which scientist’s birthday is celebrated as the ‘National Science Day’? C.V. Raman
26 A movie titled The Man Who Knew Infinity is based on the biography of – S. Ramanujan
27 Who is called the Father of Atomic Energy in India? Homy J. Bhabha
28 The Homi Bhabha Award is given for special contribution in the field of – Nuclear Energy
29 Stephen Hawking is a – Scientist
30 The principle of Thermal Ionisation is an outstanding contribution of – M.N. Saha
31 Who is associated with the development of India’s Atomic Bomb – Raja Ramanna