Physics Miscellaneous Topics – Old Year Questions

1. The branch of Physics that deals with the motion of very small particles is called :

(a) Field Theory
(b) Particle Physics
(c) Quantum Mechanics
(d) Atomic Physics

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2003]


2. The field of science which studies automation and communication between humans and machines is called-

(a) Hydroponics
(b) Cryogenics
(c) Dietetics
(d) Cybernetics

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1999]


3. The science of time measurement is :

(a) Horology
(b) Cosmology
(c) Tomography
(d) Hydrology

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1999]


4. The study of friction and lubrication is-

(a) Cryogenics
(b) Selenology
(c) Horology
(d) Tribology

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1999]


5. In which field of science, we will learn about the White Dwarf?

(a) Astronomy
(b) Agriculture
(c) Genetics
(d) Anthropology

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2003]


6. Which one of the following statements is incorrect?

(a) The special rubber tyres of aircraft are made slightly conducting.
(b) The blue waves scatter more than violet waves of light so that the sky appears blue not violet.
(c) A comb run through one’s wet hair does not attract small bits of paper.
(d) Vehicles carrying inflammable material usually have metallic ropes touching the ground.

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2008]


7. National Physical Laboratory is situated in –

(a) New Delhi
(b) Chennai
(c) Bengaluru
(d) Kolkata

[U.P. Lower Sub. (Pre) 2009]


8. National Chemical Laboratory is situated at :

(a) Lucknow
(b) New Delhi
(c) Pune
(d) Hyderabad

[U.P. Lower Sub. (Mains) 2015]


9. Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is located in

(a) Bangalore
(b) Kolkata
(c) Delhi
(d) Mumbai

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2003]


10. The full form of LASER is-

(a) Log amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
(b) Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation
(c) Locally amplified by stimulated emission of radiation
(d) light amplification by stimulated emission of radio

[Jharkhand P.C.S. (Pre) 2003]


11. Laser is a device for producing –

(a) Spontaneous radiation
(b) Dispersed radiation
(c) Scattered radiation
(d) Stimulated radiation

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2012]


12. The world’s highest ground-based telescopic observatory is located at :

(a) Colombia
(b) India
(c) Nepal
(d) Switzerland

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2002]


13. Who is the scientist in whose honour the “Chandra X-ray telescope” has been named –

(a) Chandrashekhar Venkat Raman
(b) Jagdish Chandra Bose
(c) Prafulla Chandra Roy
(d) Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2001]


14. Who is the first astronaut in space?

(a) Yuri Gagarin
(b) Alan Shephard
(c) S. Titov
(d) John Yung

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2010]


15. Who among the following is the world’s first woman cosmonaut :

(a) Bachendri Pal
(b) Junko Tabei
(c) Valentina Tereshkova
(d) Sally Ride

[U.P. Lower Sub. (Spl) (Pre) 2004, U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2001]


16. Moon is –

(a) A Star
(b) A Planet
(c) A Satellite
(d) A Meteorite

[Uttarakhand P.C.S. (Pre) 2010]


17. Who is the author of ‘Nuclear Reactor Time Bomb’ –

(a) C.C. Park
(b) E. P. Odum
(c) S.. Polasky
(d) Takashi Hirose

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2011]


18. Match list-I with List- II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the list:

List- I List – II
A. Revolver 1. Alfred Nobel
B. Dynamite 2. Pascal
C. Law of Cooling 3. Colt
D. Law of pressure 4. Newton

Code :

(a) 1 3 2 4
(b) 1 3 4 2
(c) 3 1 2 4
(d) 3 1 4 2

[U.P. Lower Sub. (Pre) 2009]


19. Which of the following pairs is used to form the terminals of a normal torch cell?

(a) Zinc Carbon
(b) Copper Zinc
(c) Zinc Cadmium
(d) Carbon Copper

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2010]


20. A.T.M. means –

(a) Automatic Transaction Machine
(b) Automatic Transfer Machine
(c) Automated Teller Machine
(d) Advance Transaction Machine

[U.P.R.O/A.R.O. (Mains) 2014]


21. Which technology of the 21st century can do wonders in device miniaturization?

(a) Atomic laser technique
(b) Nanotechnology
(c) Gynecology
(d) Hydroponics

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2004]


22. A particle having at least one dimension less than 10–7 metre, is known as

(a) Micro particle
(b) Milli particle
(c) Nano particle
(d) Macro particle

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2018]


23. The size of the nanoparticle ranges between :

(a) 100 nm to 1000 nm
(b) 0.1 nm to 1 nm
(c) 1 nm to 100 nm
(d) 0.01 nm to 0.1 nm

[Uttarakhand P.C.S. (Pre) 2012]


24. ‘Nano plug’ refers to :

(a) A small bullet
(b) A small hearing aid
(c) A small rocket launcher
(d) None of the above

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) (Re. Exam) 2015]


25. Which one of the following statements is correct?

(a) Nanoear can detect sound levels as low as – 120 dB.
(b) Nanoear can detect sound as low as – 60 dB.
(c) Nanoear consists of a single silica nanoparticle.
(d) Nanoear consists of single silver nanoparticle.

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2013]


26. Who among the following gave the term ‘Nanotechnology’ and when?

(a) Richard Feynman – 1959
(b) Norio Taniguchi – 1974
(c) Eric Drexler – 1986
(d) Sumio Iijima – 1991

[Uttarakhand P.C.S. (Pre) 2016]


27. With reference to carbon nanotubes, consider the following statements :

1. They can be used as carriers of drugs and antigens in the human body.
2. They can be made into artificial blood capillaries for an injured part of human body.
3. They can be used in biochemical sensors.
4. Carbon nanotubes are biodegradable.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

(a) 1 and 2 only
(b) 2, 3 and 4 only
(c) 1, 3 and 4 only
(d) 1, 2, 3 and 4

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2020]


28. With reference to the use of nanotechnology in the health sector, which of the following statements is/are correct?

1. Targeted drug delivery is made possible by nanotechnology.
2. Nanotechnology can largely contribute to gene therapy.

Select the correct answer using the code given below.

(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2015]


29. The most important property of nanomaterials is –

(a) Force
(b) Friction
(c) Pressure
(d) Temperature

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2013]


30. A quantum dot is :

(a) Electron microscopy image of nanostructures smaller than 1 nanometre
(b) Nanoscale analogue of radio antennas
(c) A fictional nanorobot
(d) A semiconductor nanostructure

[R.A.S./ R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


31. Arrange the following products/examples of nanotechnology in ascending order of the four generations of nanotechnology [I → IV] and select the correct answer using the codes given below :

A. Aerosol
B. 3D networking
C. Molecular manufacturing
D. Targeted drugs

Code :

(a) D, A, B, C
(b) D, A, C, B
(c) A, B, C, D,
(d) A, D, B, C

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2016]


32. The ‘Nano hummingbird’ is –

(a) A new species of hitherto undiscovered hummingbird
(b) An extremely small electric car that can take 3600 turn.
(c) A pocket sized unmanned spy plane developed in the U.S.A.
(d) A new variety of honey bee.

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2010]


33. What is the location of the Enron Power Project?

(a) Kalol
(b) Ahmednagar
(c) Virar
(d) Dabhol

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1996]


34. The theme of the Indian Science Congress 2001 was :

(a) Food nutrition and environmental security
(b) Arrest declining interest in pure sciences
(c) Make India energy self-sufficient
(d) Make India I.T. Superpower

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2001]


35. Which one of the following organizations won the CSIR Award for Science and Technology (S&T) Innovations for Rural Development, 2006?

(a) CLRI
(b) IARI
(c) NDDB
(d) NDRI

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2007]


36. Which one of the following organizations is not related to science and technology?

(a) DST
(b) CSIR
(d) DAE

[U.P. Lower Sub. (Pre) 2008]


37. Which of the following statements is/ are correct regarding the National Innovation Foundation–India (NIF)?

1. NIF is an autonomous body of the Department of Science and Technology under the Central Government.
2. NIF is an initiative to strengthen the highly advanced scientific research in India’s premier scientific institutions in collaboration with highly advanced foreign scientific institutions.

Select the correct answer using the code given below :

(a) 1 only
(b) 2 only
(c) Both 1 and 2
(d) Neither 1 nor 2

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2015]


38. Match list-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the code given below the lists :

List- I List – II
A. Chevron 1. Wind energy
B. AT&T 2. Oil
C. AMD 3. Telephone, Internet
D. Enercon Gmbh 4. Microprocessor

Code :

(a) 2 1 4 3
(b) 4 3 2 1
(c) 2 3 4 1
(d) 4 1 2 3

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2007]


39. ‘Dakshin Gangotri’ is located in –

(a) Uttarakhand
(b) Arctic
(c) Himalaya
(d) Antarctica

[48th to 52nd B.P.S.C. (Pre) 2005]


40. The first Indian Station set up for Antarctic research is called :

(a) Dakshin Gangotri
(b) Dakshini Yamunotri
(c) Antarctica
(d) Godavari

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2006]


41. The recent research station set up in the Antarctica is called :

(a) Bharti
(b) Dakshin Gangotri
(c) Maitri
(d) None of the above

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2009]


42. The term ‘IndARC’, sometimes seen in the news, is the name of :

(a) An indigenously developed radar system inducted into Indian Defence.
(b) India’s satellite to provide services to the countries of the Indian Ocean Rim.
(c) A scientific establishment set up by India in the Antarctic region.
(d) India’s underwater observatory to scientifically study the Arctic region.

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2015]


43. Which of the following is not correctly matched-

(a) Isobar – Pressure Air
(b) Isoheight – Height
(c) Isohaline – Snowfall
(d) Isobath – Depth

[U.P. U.D.A./L.D.A. (Pre) 2001]


44. Which one of the following shows a density gradient in the body of water?

(a) Ecocline
(b) Halocline
(c) Pycnocline
(d) Thermocline

[U.P. P.C.S. (Mains) 2016]


45. “I am a citizen of Milky Way.” The above statement is attributed to –

(a) Archana Sharma
(b) Kalpana Chawla
(c) Satish Dhawan
(d) Vikram Sarabhai

[U.P.P.S.C. (GIC) 2010]


46. The first heavy water plant was established in-

(a) Bangalore
(b) Bhopal
(c) Nangal
(d) Hyderabad

[U.P.P.S.C. (GIC) 2010]


47. Which one of the following is paramagnetic in nature?

(a) Iron
(b) Hydrogen
(c) Oxygen
(d) Nitrogen

[I.A.S. (Pre) 1997]


48. Which one of the following metals is not attracted by a magnet :

(a) Iron
(b) Nickel
(c) Cobalt
(d) Aluminium

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2002]


49. Which of the following is a non-electromagnetic element –

(a) Nickel
(b) Cobalt
(c) Chromium
(d) Copper

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1990]


50. The magnetic needle points to –

(a) East
(b) West
(c) North
(d) Sky

[47th B.P.S.C. (Pre) 2005]


51. With which of the following is the tape of the tape recorder coated?

(a) Copper sulphate
(b) Ferromagnetic powder
(c) Zinc oxide
(d) Mercury

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1998]


52. The World’s most accurate clock that loses just a second every 300 million years uses-

(a) Quartz atoms
(b) Silicon atoms
(c) Strontium atoms
(d) Zinc Atoms

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2008]


53. In automatic wrist watches energy is provided by –

(a) Manual binding
(b) Battery
(c) Liquid crystal
(d) Different movements of our hand

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2007]


54. In an electronic watch, the component corresponding to the pendulum of a pendulum clock is a :

(a) Transistor
(b) Crystal oscillator
(c) Diode
(d) Balance wheel

[I.A.S. (Pre) 1994]


55. The working of the quartz crystal in the watch is based on the?

(a) Photoelectric effect
(b) Johnson effect
(c) Piezoelectric effect
(d) Edison effect

[I.A.S. (Pre) 1993]


56. The full form of MOEMS is :

(a) Micro-optic electronic Media Source
(b) Micro-Opto-Electro-Mechanical-Systems
(c) Mega Operations Electronic Media Software
(d) Micro-Optic-Electro-Mechanical Source

[R.A.S./ R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


57. What does “PUMA” stand in the context of Robotics?

(a) Programmable Used Machine to Assemble
(b) Programmed Utility Machine for Assembly
(c) Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly
(d) Programmed Utility Machine to Assemble

[M.P. P.C.S. (Pre) 2020]


58. Consider the following activities :

1. Spraying pesticides on a crop field
2. Inspecting the craters of active volcanoes
3. Collecting breath samples from spouting whales for DNA analysis

At the present level of technology, which of the above activities can be successfully carried out by using drones?

(a) 1 and 2 only
(b) 2 and 3 only
(c) 1 and 3 only
(d) 1, 2 and 3

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2020]


59. When and where was the Central Electrochemical Research Institute established with the efforts of Alagappa Chettiar, Dr. Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar and Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru?

(a) Lucknow, 1951
(b) Karaikudi, 1953
(c) Chennai, 1948
(d) Shivganga, 1953

[R.A.S./ R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


60. When and with whose efforts was the Indian Institute of Science established in Bangalore?

(a) 1917, Prafulla Chand Rai
(b) 1930, J.C. Bose
(c) 1909, Jamshed ji Tata
(d) 1911, Meghnad Saha

[R.A.S./ R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


61. Which one of the following is not suitably matched?

(a) National Institute of Oceanography – Goa
(b) Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services – Hyderabad
(c) National Institute of Ocean Technology – Chennai
(d) Antarctic Study Centre – Bangalore

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2004]


62. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below in the lists.

List- I (Institute) List- II (Location)
A. Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies 1. Hyderabad
B. Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research 2. Mumbai
C. National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences 3. Bangalore
D. Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages 4. Dharamshala
  5. Varanasi

Code :

(a) 5 3 4 1
(b) 5 2 3 1
(c) 3 2 4 5
(d) 4 5 1 2

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2000]


63. ‘The Indian Institute of Naturopathy and Yogic Science’ is located at :

(a) Pune
(b) Lucknow
(c) Hyderabad
(d) Bangalore

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2002]


64. Match List- I with List- II and select the correct answer using the code given below :

List-I List-II
A. Hi-Tec City 1. Lucknow
B. Science City 2. Thumba
C. Rocket Launching Centre 3. Calcutta
D. Central Drug Research Institute 4. Hyderabad

Code :

(a) 1 2 3 4
(b) 4 3 2 1
(c) 2 3 4 1
(d) 1 4 2 3

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1999]


65. A carbon microphone is best used in

(a) Dynamo
(b) Telephone
(c) Transformer
(d) None of these

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2009]


66. The laws of planetary motion were enunciated by

(a) Newton
(b) Kepler
(c) Galileo
(d) Copernicus

[U.P.P.S.C. (GIC) 2010]


67. Soleckshaw is a –

(a) Computer Program
(b) Moon Buggy
(c) Soft sole of footwear
(d) Solar rickshaw

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2008]


68. Bibliometric is :

(a) Function of Library Network
(b) Information Management Service
(c) Information Management Tool
(d) Library Service

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2019]


69. Cytotron is the device by which is produced :

(a) Electrical energy
(b) Artificial climate
(c) Sound
(d) Picture on the screen

[U.P. P.C.S. (Mains) 2016]


70. Where was the 1st Engineering College of Asia established?

(a) Chennai
(b) Bangalore
(c) Roorkee
(d) None of the above

[Uttarakhand P.C.S. (Mains) 2006]


71. When the metric system was introduced in India-

(a) 1-10-1958
(b) 2-10-1956
(c) 1-4-1957
(d) 1-1-1958

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1999]


72. A tachyon stands for

(a) A particle moving faster than the velocity of light
(b) A constituent of heavier atomic nuclei
(c) A particle moving greater than the velocity of sound in air
(d) A quantum of lattice vibration

[Uttarakhand P.C.S. (Pre) 2007]


73. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer by using the codes given below the lists.

List-I  (Person) List-II  (Known As)
A. John C. Mather 1. Co-founder of Microsoft
B. Michael Griffin 2. Space Walker
C. Paul G. Allen 3. Administrator of NASA
D. Piers Sellers 4. Nobel Prize Winner, 2006 in Physics

Code :

(a) 4 1 3 2
(b) 2 3 1 4
(c) 4 3 1 2
(d) 2 1 3 4

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2007]


74. Consider the following about Raja Ramanna :

1. He had directed the team of scientists which carried out the test of the nuclear device.
2. He was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 1975.
3. He was made Union Minister of State for Defence in 1990.
4. He had written a book entitled ‘The Structure of Music in Raga and Western System’.

Select the correct answer by using the code given below:

(a) 1, 2, 3 and 4
(b) 1 and 2
(c) 1, 2 and 3
(d) 4 only

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2013]


75. Water Jet Technology finds application in –

(a) Irrigation
(b) Drilling of mines
(c) Firefighting
(d) Mob control

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2004, U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1998]


76. The laser beam is used for :

(a) Treatment of cancer
(b) Treatment of heart
(c) Treatment of eye
(d) Treatment of kidney

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2002]


77. Match List-I with List-II and select the correct answer from the code given below :

List-I List-II
A. Dry Ice 1. Treatment of Cancer
B. Gene therapy 2. Freezing living bodies to be revived later
C. Cryonics 3. Solid carbon dioxide
D. Cobalt-60 4. Treatment of blood diseases

Code :

(a) 1 2 3 4
(b) 4 3 2 1
(c) 3 4 2 1
(d) 2 1 4 3

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1997, U.P. Lower Sub. (Pre) 2004]


78. Which one of the following is not correctly matched?

(a) Y2K – Computer
(b) Arthritis – Uric Acid
(c) Noise Pollution – Decibel
(d) Adobe – Hardware

[Uttarakhand Lower Sub. (Pre) 2010]


79. Which of the following statements is true?

(a) Johns Hopkins was the founder of Homeopathy.
(b) Isaac Newton propounded the Theory of Evolution.
(c) Carbon monoxide creates more air pollution.
(d) Vasco-da-Gama discovered America.

[Chhattisgarh P.C.S. (Pre) 2008]


80. Otto Hahn discovered atom bomb by the principle of –

(a) Uranium fission
(b) Nuclear fission
(c) Alpha radiation
(d) Gamma radiation

[Uttarakhand P.C.S. (Pre) 2006]


81. The principle of the atom bomb is based on-

(a) Nuclear fission
(b) Nuclear fusion
(c) Nuclear spallation
(d) None of these

[U.P. U.D.A./L.D.A. (Pre) 2007]


82. What was the fissionable material used in the bombs dropped at Nagasaki (Japan) in the year 1945?

(a) Sodium
(b) Potassium
(c) Plutonium
(d) Uranium

[56th to 59th B.P.S.C. (Pre) 2015]


83. Which country has test-launched the first 3D television broadcast?

(a) U.K.
(b) China
(c) America
(d) South Africa

[M.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 2013]


84. Consider the following statements :

1. The most important technological application of liquid crystals is in digital display.
2. A modem is a device that is connected to a computer and to a phone line.
3. The National Institute of Oceanography is located in Coimbatore.
4. Virginis-70 is a system for recording video programs.

Of these statements :

(a) Only 1 and 2 are correct
(b) Only 2 and 3 are correct
(c) Only 2, 3 and 4 are correct
(d) Only 3 and 4 are correct

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2009]


85. Liquid crystals are used in :

(a) Wrist Watches
(b) Display Devices
(c) Pocket Calculators
(d) All of the above

[U.P.P.C.S. (Pre) 1996]


86. Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLEDs) are used to create digital display in many devices. What are the advantages of OLED displays over Liquid Crystal displays?

1. OLED displays can be fabricated on flexible plastic substrates.
2. Roll-up displays embedded in clothing can be made using OLEDs.
3. Transparent displays are possible using OLEDs.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) 1 and 3 only
(b) 2 only
(c) 1, 2 and 3
(d) None of the above statements is correct

[I.A.S. (Pre) 2017]


87. With a 16:9 picture aspect ratio, display resolution 1080p means :

(a) 1080 × 1080 pixels
(b) 1920 × 1080 pixels
(c) 720 × 1080 pixels
(d) 3840 × 1080 pixels

[R.A.S./ R.T.S. (Pre) 2021]


88. Which one of the following devices is used to cool the engine of the vehicles?

(a) Polygraph
(b) Turbine
(c) Radiator
(d) Quadrant

[U.P.P.C.S. (Mains) 2014]


89. Mobiles and Automobiles have brought about a revolution in the social life of Indians, especially in the rural, in terms of?

1. Mobility of the people
2. Connectivity of the people
3. Sensitivity of the people

Select the correct answer from the code given below :

(a) 1 and 2 only
(b) 1 and 3 only
(c) 2 and 3 only
(d) 1,2 and 3

[U.P. U.D.A./L.D.A. (Spl.) (Pre) 2010]