Other Parasitic Diseases One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The organ affected by malaria is – Spleen
2 Carrier of parasite Plasmodium is – Mosquito
3 Which is a carrier of the parasite Plasmodium? Mosquito
4 Malignant malaria is caused by – Plasmodium falciparum
5 Which diseases are caused by protozoa? Malaria
6 Which disease among these is spread by a protozoa ? Cholera
7 Which parasites are responsible for 65 of the cases of malaria in India? P. Vivax
8 Who was the scientist who discovered that malaria is caused by plasmodium parasite? Sir Ronald Ross
9 The diseases caused by nematodes – Filaria
10 Sleeping sickness happens due to – Unicellular animal named Trypanosoma
11 Due to unsafe drinking water and lack of Sanitation, three main communicable diseases in developing countries are – Malaria, Acute diarrhoea, Schistosomiasis
12 Leander Paes was forced off the Court of Tennis in 2003 after a problem was detected in his brain. What was the problem ? A Cyst