Ol Chiki Script

  • On Hul Diwas 2023, P.M. Narendra Modi saluted the heroes of tribal society viz. Siddho-Kanhu, Chand-Bhairav and Phoolo-Jhano on his twitter handle using Ol Chiki Script of Santhali language.
  • Chiki Script was created by Raghunath Murmu in 1925, from Mayurbhanj State (Part of Odisha), as method to write Santali a Munda language.
  • Ol Chiki is also known as ‘Ol Cemet‘, Ol Ciki, Ol.
  • The script first publicized in 1939 at the Mayurbhanj state exhibition.
  • It is one of the official scripts of the Indian Republic, it has 30 letters, design of these letter pertains to natural shapes.
  • Script written from left to right and has two styles (the print Chapa style and Cursive Usara Style).