Oceans of World One Liner Questions & Answers


The Ocean Currents
Question Answer
1 Which factors is responsible for the change in the regular direction of the ocean currents in the Indian Ocean? The Indian Ocean has Monsoon drift
2 Agulhas current flows in – The Indian Ocean
3 Which is not a cold ocean current? Agulhas
4 Which ocean currents is associated with the Indian Ocean? Agulhas current
5 Which is a warm current? Brazil Current
6 The country benefiting the most from the North Atlantic Drift is – Norway
7 Which is a cold current of the South Atlantic Ocean? Benguela current
8 Which Oceanic currents are not associated with the Pacific Ocean? Canaries
9 Which currents do not contribute to forming a complete circle of currents in the South Atlantic Ocean – Canary
10 The ocean current differences from the remaining three are – Peruvian
11 Which is a cold ocean current – Peruvian Current (Humboldt Current)
12 Gulf Stream is – an oceanic current
13 What explains the eastward flow of the equatorial counter-current? The Earth’s rotation on its axis


Salinity of the Ocean
Question Answer
1 Which denotes water salinity gradient? Halocline
2 Main Source of Salinity of the Sea is – Land
3 Which salts contributes maximum to the salinity of sea water – Sodium chloride
4 The highest salinity is found in – Lake Van in Turkey
5 The highest amount of salinity is found in – Dead Sea
6 When the density in the sea increases, then – Salinity increases but depth decreases
7 Where is the Great Salt Lake located? U.S.A
8 The average salinity of water of Arabian Sea is – 35 ppt


High Tide, Low Tide
Question Answer
1 What are the causes of high-tide low tide formation in the oceans? Due to Gravitation, Centripetal force, and the centrifugal force
2 The cause of producing indirect high tide is – Centrifugal force of the Earth
3 Spring Tide occurs – When the Sun the Earth and Moon are in a straight line
4 The high tide in the Ocean is caused by – Moon


The Oceanic Trenches
Question Answer
1 Which is the world’s deepest trench? Challenger
2 In which oceans Diamantina Trench is situated? Indian Ocean