Non-Conventional Energy One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Which is a renewable source of energy? Solar energy
2 Conventional source of energy is – Nuclear energy
3 Which place was the first 100 percent Organic State in the world? Sikkim (India)
4 An ultimate source of energy stored in fossil fuels is – Sun
5 Which form of energy does not create environmental issues? Solar
6 The second most important source after fossil fuels contributing to Indian energy needs is – Solar energy
7 What is meant by energy crisis?
The danger of the extinction of fossil fuels like coal and petrol
8 Which is the best source of generating electricity in India from the viewpoint of sustainable development? Hydroelectricity
9 Which source of renewable energy has the greatest potential in India? Solar power
10 The major component of CNG is – CH4
11 Which is the first Indian airline company that used biofuel as ATF in August 2018? Spicejet
12 The first summit of ‘International Solar Alliance’ was held in which city? New Delhi
13 Where is the Secretariat of the International Solar Alliance (I.S.A.) located at present? Gurugram
14 The International Solar Alliance (ISA) has recently signed a pact with which international organization to promote solar energy deployment in Asia and the Pacific? Asian Development Bank
15 Which district has become India’s first district to have 100% solar-powered health centers? Surat
16 The first Union Territory of India to run 100 percent on solar energy is – Diu
17 Which renewable power resource had the highest installed capacity in the country in 2014? Wind power