Mughal Dynasty : Aurangzeb One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Which Mughal emperors was coronated twice? Aurangzeb
2 The battle of Dharmat was fought between – Aurangzeb and Dara Shukoh
3 Aurangzeb defeated Jaswant Singh, the King of Jodhpur in the battle of Dharmat in 1658. Dharma situated in which state? Madhya Pradesh
4 Where was Darashikoh buried? Delhi
5 Mughal Prince who took refuge in Srinagar Garhwal – Sulaiman Shukoh
6 Which son of Aurangzeb revolted against his father, weakening his father’s position against the Rajputs? Akbar
7 With which Mughal General did Shivaji sign the Treaty of Purandar in 1665? Jai Singh
8 Which Mughal Emperor was known as “Zinda Peer”? Aurangzeb
9 Which European traveller came to India during the region of Aurangzeb? Antonia Monserrate
10 When did Aurangzeb get the victory over Bijapur? 1686
11 Two states, which Aurangzeb had conquered in Deccan, were – Bijapur and Golconda
12 Who was the ruler of Golkonda when Aurangzeb seized the fort of Golkonda in 1687? Abul Hasan Qutb Shah
13 Which one of the following emperors had the highest number of Hindu Generals in the Mughal army – Aurangzeb
14 Who re-imposed Jizya? Aurangzeb
15 The meaning of ‘Jihad’ carried on by Aurangzeb is – Dar-ul-Islam
16 Creator of “Bibi Ka Maqbara/ Tomb of Bibi” was – Aurangzeb
17 Which tombs is called the ‘Second Taj Mahal – Tomb of Rabia-ud-Daurani
18 Who was the daughter of Emperor Aurangzeb? Mehrunnisa
19 To whom did Aurangzeb bestow the title of ‘Sahibat-uz-Zamani’? Jahan Ara
20 Saint Ramdas is associated with the period of rule of – Aurangzeb
21 Moti Masjid in the Red Fort at Delhi was built by – Aurangzeb