Mughal Administration One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 What was the ‘district’ known as during the Mughal administration? Sarkar
2 What was the district called during the Mughal period? Sarkar
3 Who was the head of the army in the Mughal period? Mir Bakshi
4 Who among the following was appointed as a physician in the Mughal service? Manucci
5 In the Mughal administration ‘Muhtasib’ was – an Officer-in-Charge of public morals
6 In medieval India, why was the mansabdari system introduced? Ensuring clean administration
7 In medieval India, the Mansabdari system was introduced mainly for – Effecting clean administration
8 What was the principal source of State income in Mughal India Land Revenue
9 In Mughal administrative vocabulary ‘Maal’ represents– Land Revenue
10 The Mughal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco – Jahangir
11 ‘Madad-i-Mash’ indicates in Mughal administration – Revenue Freeland granted to learned person
12 Who among the following rulers issued some coins with figures of Rama and Sita and Devanagari legend ‘Rama-Siya’? Akbar
13 During the Mughal rule, the copper coin was known as – Daam
14 The meaning of the word Bantai during the Medieval period was? System of calculating revenue
15 The term ‘Chakla’ has been used in Medieval Indian History sources. This was –
Territorial unit between Subah and Paragnah, but not identical to Sarkar
16 Which Mughal period canals, was constructed by restoring the Rajabwah of Firuz Shah? Shahab Nahr