Monsoon and Rainfall (Rajasthan)– Old Year Questions and Answers

1. The basic reason for drought and famine in Rajasthan is–

(a) The extension of Aravalli from south-west to northeast
(b) Irregular, Scanty, and uncertain rainfall
(c) Degradation of forest and soil
(d) Unthought and unscientific way of using water

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1994]


2. ‘Shrawat’ in Rajasthan is related to

(a) Western disturbances
(b) South-west monsoon
(c) Cyclone of the Bay Bengal
(d) North-east monsoon

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1992]


3. Mawat occurs due to –

(a) Western Disturbances
(b) North-west monsoon
(c) South-east monsoon
(d) North-east monsoon

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 2013]


4. District of maximum ups and downs in percentage quantity of annual rainfall?

(a) Barmer
(b) Jaipur
(c) Jaisalmer
(d) Banswara

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1994]


5. In what direction Monsoon rainfall in Rajasthan increase?

(a) Southwest-Northeast
(b) Southeast-Northwest
(c) Northwest-Southeast
(d) South-North

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2008]


6. The lowest air pressure in the month of June in Rajasthan is probable in the district of:

(a) Bundi
(b) Baran
(c) Jaisalmer
(d) Rajsamund

[R.A.S./R.T.S.(Pre) 2010]


7. The major cause of the frequent occurrence of famine and droughts in Rajasthan is –

(a) Degradation of forests
(b) Unthoughtful use of water
(c) Irregular rainfall
(d) Land erosion

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1997]


8. Among the different conditions available in India, the condition most prevalent in Rajasthan is –

(a) Extreme air temperature
(b) Low relative humidity
(c) High disparity in rainfall
(d) Long term of sunlight

[R.A.S./R.T.S. (Pre) 1996]