Minerals of World One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Coal is an example of – Sedimentary
2 Coal, Crude Oil, and Natural gas are called – Fossil Fuel
3 ‘Donbass’ region is famous for – Coal
4 Which countries is the leading country in the reserve of Hard Coal? China
5 More than half of the world’s production of coal comes from – China and the U.S.A
6 The Ruhr basin is the famous industrial region of – Germany
7 The highest coal-producing country in the world is – China
8 Rukwa Lake region (Tanzania) is famous for which of the following minerals? Coal
9 Which is second largest metal present in the earth’s womb? Iron
10 Which one of the following is the largest producer of Iron ore in the world? China
11 The first position in the production of Iron ore is of – India
12 The first three leading producers of iron ore in the world are – China, Russia, Australia
13 Superior Lake region in North America is famous for – Iron – ore reserves
14 Which industries is most developed in the Great Lake region of North America? Steel and Engineering
15 The largest producer of copper ore in the world is – Chile
16 The leading producer of copper in the world is – China
17 Chuquicamata (Chili) is worldwide famous for which of the following minerals? Copper
18 African country Zambia has prolific copper reserves but economic progress has not been made in the country, because of – No seaport
19 Japan is almost self-sufficient in – Copper
20 ‘Kalgoorlie’ situated in Australia is famous for – Gold production
21 Which activities is performed at Coolgardie? Gold mining
22 Coolgardie lies in the Australian province of – Western Australia
23 Johannesburg is famous for – Gold mining
24 Which country is the largest exporter of gold to India? Switzerland
25 Asia’s biggest gold market is – Beijing, China
26 The largest producer of Silver in the world is – Mexico
27 Mexico is the largest producer of – Silver
28 Bauxite is the ore of – Aluminium
29 The maximum aluminium-producing country in the world is – U.S.A
30 The largest producer of aluminium in the world is – India
31 Tin is found- In Placer deposits
32 The leading producer of Tin in the world is – Indonesia
33 Malaysia, the ‘Kinta Valley’ is famous for – Tin Production
34 In relation to the production of petroleum the correct ascending order of the countries is – China, Iran, U.S.A., Saudi Arabia
35 The three leading producers of petroleum in the world in descending order are – The United States ,Russia ,Saudi Arabia
36 In West Asia, the highest Petroleum producing country is – Saudi Arabia
37 The largest petroleum producer in the world is – Russia
38 The largest producer of Petroleum in South East Asia is – Indonesia
39 Venezuela is a large – Petroleum production centre
40 The world’s largest reserves of mineral oil are in – Venezuela
41 The largest petroleum reserves are found in – Saudi Arabia
42 Which country has the largest reserves of oil? Venezuela
43 Where is Ras Tanura Oil Refinery located? Saudi Arabia
44 Which country is the largest producer and consumer of gasohol? U.S.A.
45 Which crop group out of the following contains crop/crops that cannot be used for biofuel production? Lentil, Sugarbeet, Wheat
46 The leading producer of Uranium in the world is – Kazakhstan
47 The largest reserves of Uranium are found in – Australia
48 Which country is credited with the establishment of ‘Uranium City’? Canada
49 Radium is extracted from the mines of – Pitchblende
50 Natural camphor is obtained from – A tree native to China and Japan
51 Which group of minerals represents non-ferrous metals? Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Aluminium
52 What is Baku famous for? Petroleum
53 ‘Mesabi Range’ at the international level is known for producing – Iron ore
54 The leading producer of Titanium in the world is – Russia
55 The biggest producer of Bauxite in the world is – Australia
56 The mineral which has earned fame in Chile is – Nitrate
57 Which country is the leading producer of iodine in the world? Chile
58 Which country is the largest producer of diamonds? Russia
59 Commercial sources of energy purely consist of – Power, coal, oil, gas, hydro-electricity and uranium
60 The highest-producing Country in Africa is – Zambia