Mahajanpada Period (600-325 BC) One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answer
1 The earliest extant coins of India were of – Silver
2 Chand-pradyota was the ruler of which ancient republic? Avanti
3 What was the name of the ruler of Kosala in Samudragupta’s “Prayag Prashasti”? Mahendra
4 The epigraphical evidence reveals that under the instructions of a Nanda king, a canal was dug – Kalinga
5 What was the ancient name of Ujjain? Avantika
6 Matsya Mahajanapada of 6th Century B.C. was located in – Rajasthan
7 How many Mahajanapadas were located in present-day Uttar Pradesh among the oldest sixteen Mahajanapadas of India? 8
8 The ancient city is mentioned in the Mahabharata and Mahabhashya both – Viratnagar ( Known as Madhyamika (Nagari) )
9 Who founded Pataliputra – Udayin
10 Which ruler had made Pataliputra the capital of his empire for the first time? Chandragupta Maurya
11 By which ruler Pataliputra was chosen as the capital for the first time? Udayin
12 The Legend of Udayan-Vasavadatta is related to – Ujjain
13 In which century did the first Magadha Empire rise? Sixth Century B.C.
14 Which was initially the most powerful city-state in India in the 6th century B.C.? Magadha
15 By whom the first republic of the world was established in Vaishali – Lichchhavi
16 Where was the first republican system of the world during the 6th century B.C. located? Vaishali
17 Which Buddha text has described 16 Mahajanpads of the 6th century B.C.? Anguttara Nikaya
18 The list of sixteen Mahajanapadas is available in – Anguttar Nikaya
19 Which Buddhist texts describes the sixteen Mahajanapadas? Anguttara Nikaya
20 The capital of North Panchal, according to Mahabharata, was located at – Ahichhatra
21 During the period of 16 Mahajanapadas, Mathura was the capital of – Surasena
22 Champa was the capital of Mahajanapada – Anga
23 In the sixth century B.C. Suktimati was the capital of – Chedi
24 Mahajanapada situated on the bank of river Godavari was – Assaka
25 Which was the capital of Magadha? Rajgriha
26 Which was the initial capital of Magadha? Girivraja (Rajgriha)
27 What is the town configuration of ancient Shravasti? Crescentic
28 Which initial ruler of Magadha killed his father for enthroning and also was killed by his son for the same reason? Ajatshatru
29 What was the name of the dynasty of Ajatshatru? Haryanka
30 The Prince who was responsible for the death of his father was – Ajatashatru
31 The power of Magadha was extended over the Malwa region during the reign period of – Sisunaga
32 Which dynasty ruled over Magadha after the Nanda Dynasty? Maurya
33 Which inscription is the evidence of King Nand? Hathigumpha inscription of Kharavela
34 Which King of Magadha is known as Aparo Parashurama? Mahapadma Nanda
35 Who was the founder of the Nanda Dynasty in Magadha? Mahapadma Nanda
36 Jivaka, the famous physician of the time of Mahatma Buddha was associated with the court of – Bimbisara
37 The town of Kalpi is situated on the bank of the river – Yamuna
38 Who was the last King of the Karnata dynasty? Harisimha Dev