Indian Army celebrates the 75th International Day of UN Peacekeepers

The Indian Army commemorated the 75th International Day of United Nations (UN) Peacekeepers on 29th May, 2023 at the National War Memorial in New Delhi.

  • Theme 2023: ‘Peace begins with me’.

UN Peacekeeping

  • Involves the deployment of military, police, and civilian personnel to conflict-affected or politically unstable regions.
  • Collaboration between UN General Assembly, Security Council, Secretariat, troop/police contributors, and host governments.
  • 29 May holds significance as it marks the anniversary of the first UN peacekeeping (UNPK) mission in 1948.

Principle of Operations

  • The UN’s military Peacekeepers operate on a Triad of Principles:
    • Consent of the parties to the conflict
    • Impartiality of the Peacekeepers
    • Use of force by the Peacekeepers only in self- defence and in defence of the mandate
  • They were the recipient of the prestigious Nobel Peace prize in the year of 1988.