GI Tags To 7 Products Of 3 States

In August 2023 the Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai granted the Geographical Indication (GI) tag to seven products (four from Rajasthan, 2 from Goa, and 1 from Uttar Pradesh)

  • The National Water Awards were launched in 2018 by DoWR, RD &GR. These are a part of the ongoing nationwide drive of a ‘Jal Samridh Bharat” or “Water Prosperous India’.

GI Tag to Seven Products of Uttar Pradesh

  • In June 2023 the Geographical Indications Registry in Chennai gave Gl tags to seven different products from Uttar Pradesh.
  • Seven products that get GI tags are as follows-
  1. Amroha Dholak (a musical instrument made of natural wood.)
  2. Mahoba Gaura Patthar Hastashlip (soft stone with scientific name, the Pyro Flight Stone”)
  3. Baghpat Home Furnishings’ (famous for weaving on the frame loom instead of the pit loom)
  4. Barabanki Handloom Product (Around 50,000 weavers and 20,000 looms at Barabanki and adjoining area)
  5. Kalpi Handmade Paper (engaging more than 5,000 craftsmen and approximately 200 units)
  6. Mainpuri Tarkashi (primarily brass wire inlay work on wood)
  7. Sambhal Horn Craft (used raw materials. procured from dead animals)