Fundamental Rights One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Who is given the power to enforce the Fundamental Rights by the Constitution? The Supreme Court and High Courts
2 Who said for the Fundamental Rights “a pledge to our people and a pact with the civilized world”? Dr. S. Radha Krishnan
3 What is meant by ‘Rule of Law’? One act for all and one judiciary for all
4 The President of India has the power to suspend the –
Fundamental Rights described in Article 21-A, Fundamental Rights described in Article 19
5 Under which Article of the Constitution of India, Fundamental Rights have been provided to citizens? Articles 12 to 35
6 Which Article of the Indian Constitution puts an absolute limitation on the legislative power – Article 14
7 In which article of the constitution ‘Equal Protection of Law’ is provided? Article 14
8 A legislation which confers on the executive or administrative authority an unguided and uncontrolled discretionary power in the matter of application of law violates which Article of the Constitution of India? Article 14
9 Under which article of the Constitution reservations in admission to educational institutions, including private and unaided, to OBCs/ST/SC is made? Article 15(5)
10 Supreme Court’s judgment of Indra Sawhney Vs Union of India Case is related to which issue?
Regarding the issue of OBC reservation in Government employment
11 Which Article of the Constitution gives precedence to Constitutional provisions over the laws made by the Union Parliament/State Legislatures? Article 13
12 The main object of Article 13 of the Indian Constitution is to secure the Paramountcy of the Constitution regarding – Fundamental Rights
13 In the Indian Constitution the ‘Right to Freedom’ is granted by four Articles which are – Article–19 to Article–22
14 Prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of religion etc. (Article 15 of the Constitution of India) is a Fundamental Right classifiable under – The Right to Equality
15 In the Indian Constitution, the right to equality is granted by five Articles, They are – Article 14 to Article 18
16 Which was not included in the fundamental right to equality as enshrined in the Indian Constitution? Economic equality
17 Article 24 of the Constitution of India prohibits the employment of children in factories related to hazardous works. Such prohibition is – Absolute prohibition
18 Which provision of fundamental rights is directly related to the exploitation of children? Article 24
19 Eradication of all types of social discrimination comes under which generation of Human Rights? Second generation
20 Under what provision of the Constitution, untouchability has been abolished? Article 17
21 A court can presume that any act constituting offense was committed on the ground of ‘untouchability’ if such offence is committed in relation to – A member of Scheduled Castes
22 Which fundamental right was amended as a result of the decision of the Supreme Court of India in ‘The State of Madras Vs. Champakam Dorairajan’ case – Right against discrimination
23 Which Article of the Constitution of India is related to Freedom of the Press? Article 19
24 Under which Article Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes have been granted fundamental, socioeconomic, political, and cultural rights? Article 17
25 Which Fundamental Rights incorporates protection against untouchability as a form of discrimination? Right to Equality
26 In which Article the Fundamental Rights to Freedom of Speech and Expression is provided in the Constitution of India? Article 19
27 As a part of the Right to Freedom, does not form part of “Freedom to Assemble Peaceably and Without Arms”? Gherao officials not performing their duties
28 By which ground, a citizen’s freedom of expression may not be subjected to restriction? Unbecoming criticism
29 Which Article of the Constitution of the Indian Republic relates to the Protection of ‘Life and Personal Liberty’? Article 21
30 In the context of polity, which would you accept as the most appropriate definition of liberty? Opportunity to develop oneself fully
31 Which Article of the Indian Constitution protects a person’s right to travel abroad – 21
32 What does not fall within the purview of Article 21 of the Constitution? Capital punishment
33 According to Article 25 of the Constitution ‘Right to Freedom of Religion’ is not subjected to – Humanism
34 Under which Article of the Indian Constitution wearing of ‘Kirpans’ by Sikhs is deemed as a right to freedom of religion? Article 25
35 Which Article of the Constitution protects the ‘Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions of their choice’? Article 30
36 Under the Indian Constitution who is the guardian of the fundamental rights? Supreme Court
37 Which right was described by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar as the ‘Heart and Soul of the Constitution’? Right to Constitutional Remedies
38 Which writ can be issued by a High Court to secure the liberty of the individual? Habeas Corpus
39 The scope of the Article 21 of the Constitution was expanded to include the Right to Education, because of the decision of the Supreme Court in the case – Unnikrishnan v/s Andhra Pradesh
40 The Supreme Court of India has propounded the ‘Doctrine of Basic Structure’ of the Constitution in which case? Keshavananda Bharati Vs. Kerala State
41 Right to Property is a – Legal Right
42 Which Act of the Constitution deleted the Right to Property from the list of Fundamental Rights? 44th Constitution Amendment Act, 1978
43 Which is not a fundamental right? Right to Property
44 The ‘Right to Equality’ is granted by 5 Articles in the Indian Constitution. These are – Article 14 to Article 18
45 A British citizen staying in India cannot claim the right to – Freedom of Trade and Profession
46 The Supreme Court has held that hoisting the National Flag atop private buildings is a fundamental right of every citizen under – Article 19(1)(a) of the Constitution
47 Which Article of the Constitution of India safeguards one’s right to marry the person of one’s choice? Article 21
48 Which fundamental right is not available to foreign citizens? Right to Freedom of Expression
49 Which Article of the Constitution of India is related to equality before the law? Article 14
50 Which Article/Articles read with the word ‘Socialist’ used in the Preamble of the Indian Constitution enabled the Supreme Court to deduce a fundamental right to Equal Pay for Equal Work? Articles 14 and 16
51 Which Article of the Indian Constitution guarantees equality of opportunity to all citizens of India in matters relating to public employment? Article 16 (1) and 16(2)
52 The provisions of reservation of O.B.C. are made in the Constitution under which Articles? Article 15 (IV) & 16 (IV)
53 The Constitution of India recognizes – Religious and linguistic minorities
54 Right to education for all children between the age group of 6 to 14 years is – A Fundamental Right
55 When was the Right to Education added through the amendment in the Constitution of India? 1st April, 2010
56 Which is a human right as well as a fundamental right under the Constitution of India? Right to Education
57 Which right cannot be suspended or restricted even during a National Emergency? Right to life and personal liberty
58 The word ‘Hindu’ in Article 25 of the Constitution of India does not include – Parsis
59 Which Article of the Constitution provides protection to the accused regarding conviction from double-bar and self-incrimination? Article 20
60 In which Article of the Indian Constitution Doctrine of Due Process of Law is included? 21
61 Which Article gives safeguards to the Fundamental Rights of an arrested person? Article 22
62 Under the Preventive Detention Act, a person can be arrested without trial for – 3 months
63 Which writ is regarded as the greatest safeguard for the liberty of a person? Habeas Corpus
64 Bonded Labour was abolished in India, by an Act of Parliament enacted in the year – 1976
65 ‘Right to Privacy’ is protected under which Article of the Constitution of India? Article 21