Emergency Provisions One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Under which Article of the Constitution it is the responsibility of the Indian Government to protect States from external aggression and internal disturbance? Article 355
2 On which date President of India, using his powers, declare by proclamation that a grave emergency existed where the security of India was threatened by internal disturbance? 25 June, 1975
3 What is not a basis to declare a National Emergency in India? Threat to internal peace
4 According to which Article ‘National Emergency may be declared by the president of India? Article 352
5 According to Article 352 of the Constitution, the National Emergency can be declared in which circumstances? War, External Aggression, or Armed Rebellion
6 Under which article the President of India can suspend the enforcement of Fundamental Rights (except Article 20, 21)? Article 359
7 Mainly on whose advice the President’s Rule is imposed in the State? Governor
8 What is the time limit for the ratification of an Emergency period by the Parliament? 1 month
9 Who said, “The emergency power of the President is a fraud with the Constitution”? K.M. Nambiar
10 How many times has a Financial Emergency been declared in India so far? Never
11 How many types of emergencies have been envisaged under the Indian Constitution? Three
12 During National Emergency the term of the House of People –
Can be extended till the Emergency lasts but only by one year at a time
13 President’s Rule can be imposed for a maximum period of – 3 years
14 Under Article 356 of the Constitution of India, President’s Rule was imposed for the first time in – PEPSU
15 The term of a State Legislative Assembly can be extended during an Emergency by – The Parliament