Discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization on women in India.

Q: Discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization on women in India.


  • Globalization is a complex phenomenon in which movement of organizations, ideas, discourses, and peoples have taken a global or trans-national form.
  • The positive effect of globalization is that it has opened up broader communication lines and attracted more companies as well as different organizations into India.
  • This provides opportunities for not only working men, but also women, who are becoming a larger part of the workforce. With new jobs for women, there are opportunities for higher pay, which raises self-confidence and brings about independence. This, in turn, can promote equality between the sexes, something that Indian women have been struggling for their entire lives.
  • Globalization has the power to uproot the traditional treatment towards women to afford them an equal stance in society.
  • Despite the positive effects of globalization through increased employment opportunities for women, globalization has a darker, more sinister side. Out of the total 397 million workers in India, 123.9 million are women and of these women 96% of female workers are in the unorganized sector.
  • Accordingly, although more women are now seeking paid employment, a vast majority of them obtain only poorly paid, unskilled jobs in the informal sector, without any job security or social security.
  • Additionally working women in India are more likely to be subjected to intense exploitation; they are exposed to more and more risks that cause health hazards and are forced to endure greater levels of physical and mental stress.
  • Thus it would appear, that globalization has made many international corporations richer by the billions at the expense of women who are suffering enormously due to this expansion of corporate empires.