Deficiency, Non-Contagious and Other Diseases One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 Arthritis is caused by the deposition of which joints of the body? Uric acid
2 High levels of uric acid in the blood is characteristic of which disease? Gout
3 The disease hysteria generally occur in which group – Young women
4 ‘Silicosis’ is a – Lung Disease
5 The malfunctioning of thyroid gland is due to the deficiency of – Iodine
6 Deficiency of Iodine causes – Goitre
7 Shortage of which element causes goitre disease? Iodine
8 Iodine is administered to patients suffering from – Goitre
9 Use of polished rice in human diet causes the following disease – Beriberi
10 In countries where polished rice is the mean cereal in their diet, people suffer from – Beriberi
11 A man, who does not know when to stop eating, is suffering from – Bulimia
12 The ‘blue baby’ pollution disease is due to the excessive presence of which drinking water? Nitrate
13 ‘Blue baby syndrome’ is due to the presence of which blood? Methemoglobin
14 In medical terminology ‘Golden Hour’ is related with – Heart Attack
15 Beta–blocker is a medicine to save from – Heart Attack
16 Which is essential to regulate the heartbeat? Potassium
17 Which one among these is related to the deficiency of potassium? Low blood pressure
18 If albumin is releasing with urine then the failure of which organ may occur? Kidney
19 Which organ of the body is affected most on keeping fast for a long time? Kidney
20 In the modern days, nuclear medicines play a vital role in Medical Science, they are exactly – They are Radioisotopes
21 Which radio elements are used to measure the speed of the blood flow in the human body? Radio–Sodium
22 Leukaemia is a type of cancer in which there is an abnormal increase in the number of – White Blood Cells
23 The radioisotope used to control blood cancer (leukaemia) is – Phosphorus–32 & Cobalt–60
24 Cobalt–60 is generally used in radiation treatment because it ejects – Ȗ Rays
25 The radioisotope used in the detection of tumour is – Arsenic–74
26 The radiations used in the treatment of muscle ache are – Infrared
27 Oncogenes are associated with – Cancer
28 Which situation of the body is known as cancer? Uncontrolled multiplication of cells by which death of sound cells and finally death.
29 ‘Metastasis’ is the process by which – Cancer cells spread through the blood or lymphatic system to other sites or organs
30 Which causes cancer as well as cures it depending upon its intensity and use? Ionized radiation
31 Which human organs is less susceptible to harmful radiations? Brain
32 Which human organs are most susceptible to harmful radiations? Eyes
33 Interferon is used for the control of – Cancer
34 ‘Cerebral palsy’ is a brain disorder found generally in – Small Children
35 Which organ of the human body is affected by the Alzheimer’s disease? The brain
36 Recently scientists discovered a protein that is responsible for hazardous neural disease Alzheimer’s. Which is that protein? Amlyloid precursor protein
37 The Nobel Prize for developing treatment of Parkinson’s disease was given to – John F. Enders
38 Scratching eases itching because – It stimulates certain nerves which direct the brain to increase the production of antihistaminic chemicals
39 Anosmia is – Loss of the sense of smell
40 Minamata disease is caused due to – Mercury Poisoning
41 The Minamata disease of Japan in 1953 was caused by eating fish contaminated by – Mercury
42 Itai–Itai disease is caused by chronic poisoning of – Cadmium
43 Which disease is caused by allergy ? Asthma
44 If a person only takes milk, egg and bread in diet, so he may suffer from the disease – Scurvy
45 What is useful in the treatment of scurvy disease? Gooseberry
46 The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a drug named, ‘Lukoskin’. It is being used in the treatment of – Leucoderma
47 The disease caused by deficiency of protein in children is – Marasmus
48 Astigmatism is a disease of the – Eyes
49 Myopia is the disorder of which organ? Eyes
50 Myopia or short sightedness is corrected by – Use of concave lens
51 A person with vision defect ‘Myopia ‘can see – Nearby objects clearly
52 The person is suffering from far–sightedness face difficulties in – To see close object clearly
53 In which part of eye ‘blind spot’ and ‘yellow spot’ are found? Retina
54 The retina is outgrowth of the – Diencephalon
55 If the lens in eye becomes opaque, the disease is called – Cataract
56 The pupils of human eye are dilated with a very dilute solution of an alkaloid which is – Atropine
57 Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder, in which people – Briefly and repeatedly stop breathing during sleep
58 Biological resurfacing is a recent surgical technique used to treat problems of Knee joints
59 Deficiency of Iron causes – Anaemia
60 The disease caused due to deficiency of iron is known as – Anaemia
61 Which disease is caused by the excessive use of alcoholic beverages? Liver cirrhosis
62 Oral submucous fibrosis is a disease caused by – Consuming Gutka of Tobacco
63 Jaundice affects the – Liver
64 Which disease is not so contagious ? Jaundice
65 Rickets disease in poultry bird is caused due to the deficiency of which vitamin? Vitamin D
66 The factor of madcow disease is – Prions
67 Bright’s disease affects human body in the part – Kidney
68 Pneumoconiosis affects the workers who work mainly in – Coal Mining Industry
69 The blood glucose level is commonly expressed as – Milligram per decilitre
70 Which diseases can not be controlled by vaccination? Diabetes
71 Diabetes is caused due to malfunctioning of – Pancreas
72 Lack of which substance causes diabetes in a person? Insulin
73 Measurement of glycosylated haemoglobin (HbA1c) in the blood is useful for the management of – Diabetes Mellitus
74 Which seeds can benefit a patient with diabetes mellitus by normalizing his blood sugar level? Fenugreek Seeds
75 The hormone insulin which is used in treating diabetes was discovered by – F.G. Banting
76 A commonest side effect of Cu–T – Bleeding
77 Emphysema is a disease caused by environmental pollution in which the affected organ of the body is – Lungs
78 In which of the following departments of a hospital will ‘Cath lab’ be found? Cardiology
79 The nutritional deficiency condition that needs to be given top priority for remedial action in India today is – Xerophthalmia
80 Lathyrism is caused by excessive consumption of – Khesari Dal
81 Blank capsules used in dispensing are made of – Starch & Gelatine