Daily Current Affairs (One Liner) – 14-15 April 2024

हिंदी में पढ़ें

International Affairs

1. Queqiao-2, a relay satellite, recently launched by which country? – China


2. According to Plastic Overshoot Day Report, which country has one of the lowest per capita plastic waste production rates globally? – India


Science & Technology

3. What is ‘VA-ResNet-50’, recently seen in news? – AI tool which can predicts fatal heart rhythm


Short News

Places in News

4. In which ocean is the famous Senkaku Island located? – Pacific Ocean


5. Who has been appointed as Joint Director in CBI recently? – Anurag Kumar


6. Who has been appointed as the new director of National Judicial Academy, Bhopal? Justice Aniruddha Bose


Awards & Honours

7. Who was recently named South Asian Person of the Year by Harvard University? – Avantika Vandanpu


Organisations & Institutes

8. The Ministry of Defence has issued a tender to which institution to buy LCA mark-1A fighter jets? – Hindustan aeronautics limited


Exercises & Operations

9. ‘Dustlik’ joint military exercise, recently seen in news, conducted between which two countries? – India and Uzbekistan 


10. Operation Meghdoot completed 40 years on April 13, with whom is Operation Meghdoot related? – Siachen Glacier


Important Days & Weeks

11. When is World Art Day celebrated every year? – 15 April


State Current Affairs

12. In which state was Bohag Bihu celebrated as New Year? – Assam 



13. What is the primary objective of ‘BepiColombo mission’, recently seen in news? – To study Mercury’s magnetic field, composition and geology


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