Cash Crops in India One Liner Questions & Answers


Question Answer
1 Which area of India produces the largest amount of cotton? North Western and Western India
2 The largest producer of cotton in India is – Gujarat
3 Which districts are Known as areas of ‘White Gold’ because of cotton cultivation? Ujjain-Shajapur
4 Which Indian state has the largest number of Cotton Textile Mills? Tamil Nadu
5 Cotton fibres are obtained from – Seed
6 Cotton is facing competition from sugarcane in the region of the black soil in Maharashtra. This is due to –
Expansion of irrigation has made this region suitable for sugarcane cultivation which is a more profitable crop
7 Which Indian state has the largest area under sugarcane cultivation? Uttar Pradesh
8 The leading sugarcane-producing states in India is – Uttar Pradesh
9 Sucrose content in sugarcane decreases – If frost occurs during the period of ripening
10 The first three leading producers of sugar in India are – U.P., Maharashtra, Karnataka
11 Sakkar Nagar is an important sugar-producing centre of – Andhra Pradesh
12 Which state is called the ‘Sugar bowl’ of India ? Uttar Pradesh
13 The first Sugar Mill in India was set up in 1903 at – Pratappur
14 Breeding work on sugarcane is being done at – Coimbatore
15 Sugarcane seeds are produced in – SBI, Coimbatore
16 What time is taken by the Adsali Sugarcane crop to ripen? 18 months
17 Yellow Revolution is related to – Production of Oilseeds
18 Which is the most suitable crop for dryland farming? Groundnut
19 ‘Pegging’ is a useful phenomenon in – Groundnut
20 Which state is the leading producer of Soyabean? Madhya Pradesh
21 During 1992-93 there was a record production in – Oilseeds
22 The Largest producer of oilseeds in India is – Madhya Pradesh
23 The leading producer of Soyabean in India is – Madhya Pradesh
24 Rajasthan is the chief producer of – Mustard
25 ‘Varuna’ is a variety of – Mustard
26 ‘Pusa Bold’ is a variety of – Mustard
27 ‘Pitambari’ is a variety of – Mustard
28 A large quantity of gypsum is required for – Groundnut Cultivation
29 Kaushal is an improved variety of – Groundnut
30 ‘Safflower Tower’ is an oilseed crop. Its scientific name is – Carthamus Tinctorius
31 Which state is the largest ‘silk’ producing state? Karnataka
32 The country, which is the largest silk producer in the world, is – China
33 More than three-fourths of India’s production of raw silk comes from – Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka
34 The leading mulberry silk-producing Indian State is – Karnataka
35 The silk produced by spiders is called – Gossamer Silk
36 Muga is such a variety of silk which is obtained in the world only from India in – Assam
37 Which state is the leading producer of Oak Tasar silk? Manipur
38 Which state of India is the largest producer of Silk Textiles? Karnataka