Canals and Dams of World One Liner Questions & Answers


The Canals
Question Answer
1 Suez Canal Connects – Red Sea with the Mediterranean Sea
2 How much the maritime distance between India and Europe was reduced after the construction of the Suez Canal? 7,000 km
3 The port pair located at both ends of the Suez Canal is – Port Said & Suez
4 Which is the largest navigation canal in the world? Suez Canal
5 In the Suez Canal region, the correct order of lakes lying from North to South direction is –
Lake Manzala – Lake Timsah – Great Bitter Lake – Little Bitter Lake
6 One will NOT have to pass through the Suez Canal while going from Bombay to – Suez
7 Panama Canal Connects – Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean
8 Soo Canal connects – Superior & Huron
9 Which countries are planning to construct a rival to the Panama Canal to link the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans? Nicaragua
10 Kiel Canal connects – North Sea-Baltic Sea
11 Which canals are used as an inland waterway in Southern Germany? Ludwings Canal


The Important Dams of the World
Question Answer
1 Itaipu Dam built on the river Parana is one of the largest dams in the world. Which of the following two countries have it as a joint project? Brazil and Paraguay
2 World’s longest sea bridge has been built on – Jiaozhou Bay
3 Kariba Dam has been built on the river – Zambezi
4 The Aswan High Dam is located – Egypt
5 The place where China started construction of a dam on the Brahmaputra River in Nov. 2010, is – Zangmu