Bhakti and Sufi Movement One Liner Questions & Answers


Questions Answers
1 The Bhakti movement was started by – Alwar Saints
2 Samkaras philosophy is called – Non-dualism
3 The Bhakti culture was reborn in India during- 15th -16th century AD
4 The common belief of life of both Buddha and Mirabai was – The world is full of sorrow
5 ‘Let no man ask a man’s sect or caste’ whose dictum was this?” Ramananda
6 A common feature of all Bhakti Saints was that they – Composed their verses in the language understood by their followers
7 Vaishnavism in Kamarupa was popularised by – Shankaradeva
8 Who introduced Vaishnavism in Assam and Cooch Behar? Shankaradeva
9 Famous medieval saint Shankaradeva belonged to – Vaishnava Cult
10 Ramanujacharya is related to – Vishistadvaita
11 “Shuddha Advaitvad” was propounded by – Vallabhacharya
12 Where is the birthplace of “Mahaprabhu Vallabhacharya”? Champaranya
13 Who was the first Bhakti Saint to use Hindi for the propagation of his message? Ramananda
14 Kabir was a disciple of – Ramananda
15 Who are Saints of the Medieval Age India – Ramanand
16 Who composed ‘Bijak’ ? Kabir
17 A collection of dialogues between Kabir and Dharamdas is titled – Amarmul
18 Malukdas was a saint-poet of – Kada
19 What was the name of Saint Ghasidas’s father? Mahangu
20 Which Sikh Guru started ‘Gurumukhi’? Guru Angad
21 How many Jyotirlinga are there devoted to Lord Shiva? 12
22 The followers of Ramanuja are known as – Vaishnava
23 Which was the birthplace of Guru Nanak? Nankana
24 In whose regime did Guru Nanak Dev founded the Sikh religion? Sikandar Lodi
25 ‘God knows man’s virtues and enquires not his caste, in the next world there is no caste!’ This was the theory of which Bhakti saint? Nanak
26 Mirabai was contemporary of – Chaitanya Mahaprabhu
27 The name of the husband of famous devotee poet Mira – Rajkumar Bhojraj
28 Who wrote ‘Rag-Govind’? Mirabai
29 Which leaders of the Bhakti movement was influenced by Islam? Namdev
30 Chaitanya Mahaprabhu is related to which sect? Vaishnava
31 Whose contemporary was Tulsidas? Akbar and Jahangir
32 The book, “Ramcharitmanas” was written by – Tulsidas
33 The main seat (Peeth) of the Varkari sect is situated at – Pandharpur
34 Who was the Saint of the Varkari Sect? Namdev
35 Bhakt Tukaram was a contemporary of which Mughal Emperor? Jahangir
36 The “Chishtia Sufi Order” in India was established by – Khwaja Muinuddin
37 The first Sufi Saint of Chishtia Sect in India was – Shaikh Muinuddin Chishti
38 Who was the founder of the Christian Branch of Sufism? Khwaja Abu-Abdal
39 Whose disciple was Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti? Khwaja Usman Haruni
40 Which Maratha Chieftains was the first to offer nazir (gift) at the Dargah of Khwaja Muinuddin Chishti of Ajmer? Raja Sahu, the grandson of Shivaji
41 Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya was the disciple of – Baba Farid
42 The book ‘Fawaidul Fawad’ is the record of the conversations of Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya, it was compiled by – Amir Hassan Sizzi
43 Dargah of Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya is situated in – Delhi
44 The Sufi saint maintained that devotional music was one way of coming close to God – Muinuddin Chishti
45 Who does not belong to the Chishti order? Shaikh Abdul Jilani
46 Who is called the ‘Sadi of India’? Amir Hasan
47 Which Sultans of Delhi was refused an audience by Nizamuddin Auliya? Alauddin Khalji
48 Which Sufi Saint was called ‘Mehboob-e-Ilahi’? Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya
49 Which Sufi saints is known as Mahboob-i-Ilahi? Shaikh Nizamuddin Auliya
50 The most reputed disciple of Shaikh Farid who had seen the reign of as many as seven sultans of Delhi was – Nizamuddin Auliya
51 The thought of which of the following Sufi saint have been incorporated in the religious book ‘Adi Granth’ of the Sikh? Fariduddin-Ganj-i-Shakar
52 The famous saint Shaikh Salim Chishti lived in – Fatehpur Sikri
53 Who was given the title of Shaikh-ul-Hind’? Shaikh Salim Chishti
54 Shaikh Bahauddin Zakaria belonged to which sect? Suhrawardi order
55 The most orthodox Sufi order was – Naqshbandi
56 Which order of Sufi SM was against music – Naqshbandiya
57 Who Chisti Saints is known as ‘Chirag-e-Delhi? Nasiruddin
58 Which Sufis regarded Krishna among the alias – Shah Muhammad Ghaus
59 Prem Vatika, poems on the life of Krishna, was composed by – Raskhan
60 Which is not associated with the Bhakti Movement ‘? Amir Khusrau
61 Who composed ‘Barahmasa’? Malik Muhammad Jayasi
62 Every year a fair is held at the tomb of a famous Sufi saint Haji Waris Ali Shah at – Dewa Sharif
63 The birthplace of Christ is – Bethlehem
64 The spirit of Christians behind the festival of Easter is – The day of Resurrection of Christ
65 Which Christian saint is famous for the love of animals and birds? Saint Francis of Assisi
66 Why is the Good Friday of Christians celebrated? Jesus Christ crucified