Alupa Dyansty

Alupa Dyansty was one of the longest-reigning dynasties of Tulu Nadu (in Karnataka).

    • Barkur was the capital city of the royal family.
    • The Alupas had shifted their capital to Barkur from Udyavara.
    • Tulu has a rich oral literature tradition with folk-song forms like paddana, and traditional folk theatre yakshagana.
    • The Halmidi Inscription (Hassan, Karnataka) mentions about a grant recommended by King Pashupati of Alupa and the Chief Commander of Kadamba forces.

Alupa dynesty - Ancient kingdom of coastal region II HISTORY INDU II

About Kulashekara Alupendra I of Alupa Dyansty

  • He ruled Tulunadu from 1156-1215 A.D.
  • He established new city Kulashekara in Mangaluru.
  • He laid down strict rules and regulations for temple administration, which are still followed in all temples in this region.
  • He was first ruler to give royal patronage to Tulu language and culture.
  • In inscriptions, Alupa emperor was described as “Lokantamanta”, meaning ‘famous in the universe’ in Tulu.
  • Someshwara temple was built during his time in honour of Soma and adorned with Nava Durgas.
  • Soma cult was founded by one Soma Sharma of Gujarat in the 11th century AD and it spread across the country.

Recent Findings

  • Archaeologist discovers inscription announcing the death of King Kulashekara Alupendra I at Someshwara (Karnataka)

  • It was the first record of the Alupa Dyansty that announced the death of a king.
  • The inscription is significant in the study of Tuluva history and culture.